March 30, 2021

Indonesia Apartment

If you enjoy smiling, laughing and being around happy, lively people, then Indonesia is the best place for you. Indonesians are also friendly and respectful people, regardless of whether you are a local or a foreigner. Combined with affordable Indonesia apartments, a friendly climate all-year-round and the great outdoors, you have every reason to live in Indonesia. So, what’s the cost of renting or buying an Indonesia apartment? Let’s take a closer look.

Bali Apartment

Bali has a reputation for its delicious cuisines, gorgeous setting, high quality of life and affordable cost of living. It’s also a very child-friendly city, making it a great place to stay for people with children.

Indonesia Apartment

Renting a one-bedroom Bali apartment in the city center will cost approximately 4,400,000 rupees. Renting one outside the city center costs around 2,700,000 rupees.

As for people who opt to purchase a Bali apartment, you will spend around 12,400,000 rupees per square foot for a one-bedroom in the city center while buying one outside the city center goes for approximately 6,200,000 rupees per square foot.

Jakarta Apartment

Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia. It’s a good place to live, thanks to its reasonably priced housing, affordable cost of living, plenty of entertainment and leisure spots as well as a vast mix of cultures and nationalities.

Rental prices depend on where you choose to live. For instance, if you rent a one-bedroom Jakarta apartment in the city center, you will be paying approximately 6,800,000 rupees while renting a one-bedroom Jakarta apartment outside the city center will cost you around 3,700,000 rupees per month.

Also, there are several Jakarta apartments for sale. Buying a Jakarta apartment for sale costs approximately 39,300,000 rupees per square meter in the city center. If you opt to purchase one outside the city center, then you will spend approximately 20,600,000 rupees per square meter.

Yogyakarta Apartment

Yogyakarta is one of the most lively cities in Indonesia. The city also an enjoyable place, whether you are visiting or you want to stay. It’s renowned as the center of Javanese arts and culture. It’s also popular for its rich history in drama, poetry, ballet, batik as well as music. Yogyakarta is also home to several UNESCO Heritage Sites.

As for relocating to this beautiful city, renting a one-bedroom Yogyakarta apartment 3,300,000 rupees per month in the city center while a one-bedroom Yogyakarta apartment goes for 2,300,000 rupees. Whereas buying a Yogyakarta apartment, expect to spend around 14,000,000 per square foot within the city center and approximately 8,600,000 per square foot outside the city center.

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